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Establishing a Time Frame

Establish a Time Frame 

Before calling up your friend for contractor recommendations, before going down to the local construction supply warehouse to list down prices, before even asking any professionals for their opinion – you need a time frame. Making sure that you allow enough time for each task will help keep you on track towards finishing your project as soon as possible. 

1. Measure

The first thing that needs to get done is measuring the home. With an architect or design specialist, visit the house and map out the entire space. If the previous owner has a ready-made blueprint, this can eliminate the need to measure altogether. Make sure it’s intelligible and accurate though, and try to get it done in 2 weeks. 

2. Conceptualize 

Now, with your architect or designer, come up with the renovation plan. This includes all necessary changes as well as drawing up a new floor plan to represent the house after the changes have been made. Be as specific as possible to eliminate confusion later on. Give yourself 2-3 weeks to finish the concept. 

3. Budget and Finance

This step entails getting all the necessary estimates from suppliers and labourers, and consolidating all of that information into one solid number to help you establish the cost of your renovation. At this time, you might also seek out financing opportunities if you’re not paying for the repairs from your pocket. Give yourself 2-3 weeks for this. 

4. Documentation

Once you’ve got your budget in order, it’s time to secure all the permits and paperwork you need to properly and legally complete your renovations. If you need to go through zoning, you might end up spending more time on this step than you want to. So be thorough and ask all the questions before you proceed. Around 3-4 weeks should be enough to complete this task. 

5. Construction 

This final step involves sourcing your supplies, getting renovations built and performed, and making any necessary changes to the plan as you move along. Essentially, at the end of construction, you should have a house that’s ready for sale. Of course, time frames can change and fluctuate. This is all depending on the scope of the repairs as well as the efficiency of your team. 


Making sure that you allow enough time for each task will help keep you on track towards finishing your project as soon as possible.